New episode of Hypnos Hour with Chelsea Wolfe: žal / úzkost  – Airs today (April 16) on Red Bull Radio at 3 PM PST HERE

Chelsea selects songs to soothe during times of heartache or anxiety, including IO Echo, Low, serpentwithfeet and IAMX.

“I started off the year with songs about love, romance and sex, and this month I’ve put together a group of songs about heartbreak. Not necessarily about a breakup or relationship, but songs that feel soothing in any time of heartache or anxiety. Sometimes, when you’re dealing with heartbreak, you need sad songs, to fully dive in and feel it all. You have to feel it in order to move on. And sometimes you need uplifting songs, to pull you out of the anxiety and weight of it all, to remember your own freedom, power, passion — to lose yourself and find yourself again.” – Chelsea Wolfe