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Photos by Shannon Claire

The hardy crowd at The Bourbon Thursday night welcomed doom metal songstress Chelsea Wolfe for the artist’s first performance in Lincoln. Overhearing more concert goers than not stating they were there for and eager to catch Wolfe’s act was not only surprisingly pleasant to hear, but assurance for an attentive crowd.

Attentive they were. Wolfe’s howling vocals and weeping guitar, supported by the manic fluidity of her bandmates, left the full house of concert goers at The Bourbon captivated throughout the duration of their set. Backed by guitarist Bryan Tulao, Wolfe and Tulao dance with and around each other instrumentally. Ben Chisholm, Wolfe’s cohort aka production partner in crime, was no short of perfection multi tasking between keys, bass and electrics, as well as longtime hometown friend and drummer Jess Gowrie. Both Gowrie and Chisholm relationship with Wolfe span decades and are palpable in Wolfe’s conceptual makeup, especially on her most recent album, Hiss Spun.

Wolfe’s discography spans almost 10 years with six studio albums produced, and bits and pieces of them were scattered throughout her set that night. Hearing personal favorites such as “Demons” from her 2011 album Apokalypsis and “After The Fall” off of  Abyss (2015), to crowd favorite “Feral Love” released in 2013 on Pain is Beauty. These three tracks alone stood out to showcase the array of sounds that come with Chelsea Wolfe. Where these songs contrast each other from prog rock to folk industrial and goth pop, are yet greatly savored with and deeply rooted in the sounds of doom metal. Wolfe also performed tracks off her most recent album Hiss Spun like “16” Psyche, another crowd favorite.

Wolfe is looking to expand her loyal fan base this year, hence the opportunity and current tour with Ministry. Speaking with Wolfe on X-Rated: Women in Music last week, her and Ministry crossed paths last year in France at the annual festival Hellfest, and later discovered that Ministry was looking for tour support in 2018. This tour takes them both all over the US this month landing in Austin, TX on April 28. Wolfe and Ministry will also tour together this summer in Europe.

To learn more about Chelsea Wolfe, the making of her recent album Hiss Spun, and if she prefers Doc Martens to Mary Janes, listen to the podcast interview below.

Full Chelsea Wolfe + Ministry review via KZUM