Today, A24 announces a whirlwind score by “west coast goth queen” (Rolling Stone) Chelsea Wolfe and the iconic horror composer Tyler Bates for Ti West’s (The House of the Devil) upcoming slasher film X, starring Kid Cudi, Mia Goth, Jenny Ortega, and Brittany Snow. The full score drops March 25. 

Chelsea Wolfe transforms Arthur Field’s 1918 “Oui Oui Marie” into a woozy, eerie ballad, with her vocals seething and simmering beneath folksy guitar strums. 

The wildly entertaining ride is set in 1979 about a group of entrepreneurial young filmmakers who retreat to a rural Texas farm to make a low-budget pornographic movie, only to find themselves thrust into unimaginable horrors when their mysterious hosts disrupt the shoot. An ode to film-making of all stripes, X is an ode to the currency of youth and arrives nationwide March 18. 


01. My God 
02. Maxine Meets Pearl 03. Theda 
04. Pearl’s Lullaby 
05. Fucking Finally 
06. Pearl’s Rapture 
07. Dolls 
08. Pumping Gas 
09. Our Secret 
10. Use Your Telephone 
11. We Talked About This 12. Nice Girl 
13. Headlights 
14. Sorry to Disturb You 15. The Cellar 
16. What is it Baby? 
17. I Was Young Once 
18. Tell Me I’m Special 
19. Maxine Grabs the Gun 20. Oui Oui Marie 
21. Bring Our Daughters Home