(Interview via Flood Magazine)

In an Era of American Darkness, Chelsea Wolfe Embraces Her Power

“Sometimes, just the thought of being on stage is more stressful than actually doing it,” singer-songwriter Chelsea Wolfe tells me. “Once I’m in the groove of a tour, it becomes a really fun thing. It’s like an experiment every night to see how it’s going to go, how the energy of the room is going to be.” 

It’s half past noon in early August, and Wolfe has just finished her morning workout. “I don’t get up super early, so I’m still in morning zone right now—very musician of me,” she laughs. 

The thirty-five-year-old Sacramento native is relaxed as she speaks from her home in the mountains of Northern California, where she’s preparing for a cross-country trek in support of her sixth studio effort, Birth of Violence. “I really tried my best, on this tour, to find old theaters, or places that had character, since it’s an acoustic set,” she says. “With a full band, we could play in any old bar, but as much as I could, I tried to find an interesting setting, or a place with really good acoustics.”

One venue which definitely strikes the right note is Colorado’s Stanley Hotel, famous for serving as the exterior of the nefarious Overlook in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. While the singer-songwriter’s latest work doesn’t exactly conjure visions of corridors brimming with blood, it’s a gorgeous, shadowy recording replete with stark songcraft that’s sure to sparkle in the sinister setting.

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