Burnout is real. Chelsea Wolfe intimates as much when we take a Skype video call to chat about her sixth album, Birth of Violence, out now on Sargent House. Wolfe says that after eight years of prolific album releases and nonstop touring, she hit a wall. 

Having lived in Los Angeles for a long time, Wolfe says she moved into a house in bucolic Northern California three years ago, and “basically dropped my stuff off and went back on tour.” 

Forever a musical transformer, with eclectic roots and references in folk, metal, noise, electronica, and vocal R&B, Wolfe’s last album, 2017’s Hiss Spun, was her loudest, heaviest work yet.

Wolfe says that album kickstarted a more internal shift, where she felt called to be more personal in her lyrics than ever, best evidenced in tracks like “The Culling” and “16 Psyche.” After touring Hiss Spun worldwide, Wolfe decamped to her Northern California home and hunkered down.

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