photos + full article via CVLT Nation

On the 4th of October Los Angeles hosted a very special dual headlining show at the fully packed Regent Theater in Downtown LA, featuring hour plus sets by Russian Circles and Chelsea Wolfe.

Chelsea herself brought a completely different type of doom on stage… More gentle, subtler, and lonelier. Her music makes you listen carefully to what is going on. And I believe the essential part of enjoying it, is being aware of what it makes you feel, which brings the wonder of having several hundreds of people in one room with the same amount of personalized responses to it, unified by the attention to the source of this magic. Her music also sounds very different live compared to the album version, it’s more powerful and real, given there’s a full band performing. It’s neither bad nor good, just different, because her voice still stays sweet, distant, and haunting, yet the extra heaviness of a live setting brings out a different color to it. And the lights… The performance wasn’t accompanied by much light, leaving the stage almost completely dark most of the time, with just a few hints on where to guide your attention. If Russian Circles is like a night city, quiet and sophisticated, yet well lit allowing you to walk anywhere to find meaning, Chelsea is more like a distant full moon over a rural dirt road. Distant and pale, yet it is the only guiding light around.