Robin Hilton of NPR’s Top 10 Albums Of 2017


6. Chelsea Wolfe, ‘Hiss Spun’

Sometimes you have to go deeper into the abyss to find a way out. Northern California guitarist and singer Chelsea Wolfe attempted to exorcise her demons in 2017 with a take-no-prisoners frontal assault, digging deep into the trenches of her mind to wage war. Whether you call it sludge metal or doom pop or just plain rock, Hiss Spun is perhaps the year’s most monstrously dark, brutally heavy roar against internal agony and the myriad cruelties of life. It rages and heaves and collapses in an exhausted heap as Wolfe sings about desperation and revulsion, sleepless nights, anxiety and sickness. There is no happy ending to Hiss Spun. But as the battle wears on, it feels worth fighting.

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