“Chelsea Wolfe bends her work like shadow, doubling over or arcing her arms high, contorting its contours to effect a desired whole. The shapes she casts with her music are always dramatic and darkly balletic, the sound of someone dancing slowly into their depths and reaching a shaky peace with whatever they find in there.” – NPR Music


 “Wolfe’s sixth studio LP is her best and heaviest to date.” – Rolling Stone (4/5)


“She sounds at home at here, blending the worlds of metal and dark noise with ease.” – Pitchfork


“.. a suitably heavy doom-crusher, and it’s awesome.” – Stereogum, “16 Psyche” post


..an exceptionally sludgy grind that, as always, is both lifted up and shoved into the cold dirt by the gulf between Wolfe’s lofty voice and her craggy guitar.” – Noisey, “16 Psyche”


“..a stunning, breathy, pared-down metal track.” – The FADER, “Vex” post


“..a foreboding track which juggles black metal, industrial rock, and dark, haunting doom pop.” – Revolver, “Vex” post


“Delivered with abrasive strength and a muscular rock stomp, it promises big things from the album, Hiss Spun.” – The 405, “16 Psyche” post


“Like its metallic asteroid namesake, the song is as steely and unyielding as iron at its core.” – CVLT Nation, “!6 Psyche” post


“..[Chelsea’s] dark and brooding style has garnered her critical acclaim both in the real world and in metal circles, she has collaborated with some fantastic metal artists through the years..” – The Metal Podcast [UK]


“It’s awesome, and it’s ominous..” – Treble Zine


“A strong track, which together with the first Hiss Spun single 16 Psyche promises a rather extreme album..” –  Zwentner [DE], “Vex” post


“A doom metal album recorded by Chelsea Wolfe and Kurt Ballou? That’s a wet nightmare come true!” – The Needle Drop, “16 Psyche” post


“..simultanousely sludgy, heavy and beautiful.” – Metal Insider


“Chelsea Wolfe’s new album Hiss Spun is shaping up to be her heaviest yet, which is phenomenal.” – Metal Injection


“Taking her already boomingly bleak sonics on a rollicking run through of black metal stripped down to an industrial electronica, “Vex” oozes a brutishness that refuses to relent in the lucid allure of its underlying melodic natures. ” – Grimy Goods, “Vex” post


“It is clear that this turn in direction has made her music way more grandiose and immediately appealing, for Hiss Spun sounds so amazing with all its nasty and constantly abrasive atmosphere emanating from the speakers and absorbing whoever dares to face Chelsea’s one-of-a-kind world directly.” – Album of the Year


“..driving, free-form evolution makes it fly by as if it’s only a minute long.” – Earmilk, “Vex” post



“..a track that makes you want to go further, whether your direction is dark, light, grungy, sterile, or somewhere in between but no less profound.” 
– Libro Musica, “Vex” post