Chelsea Wolfe

Bands who released great albums in 2013:
Nick Cave “Push the Sky Away”
Screature “Screature”
True Widow “Circumambulation”
Neko Case “The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You”
Queens of the Stone Age “…Like Clockwork”
William Basinski “Nocturnes”
Russian Circles “Memorial”
Deafheaven “Sunbather”
Master Musicians of Bukkake “Far West”
Bill Callahan “Dream River”

Favorite design collectives, designers or shops this past year (and probably forever):

Ovate, Sisters of the Black Moon, K/LLER Collection, Aoi Kotsuhiroi, Totokaelo, Ann Demeulemeester, AF Vandevorst, myYUKIKO, Rewind, Saint Laurent, Laura Lombardi, Bloodmilk, Nouveau PR, Kill City, Anu Tera, Loved to Death.

Best TV show of the year: 

“Frozen Planet”: so beautiful, and narrated by the ever-electric Alec Baldwin

Best movies I watched on a plane on tour:

The Rolling Stones: Crossfire Hurricane – when the cameraman asks Mick Jagger what’s on the plate he’s holding and he says, “vitamins and salt.” <3

Werner Herzog’s Cave of Forgotten Dreams – Werner Herzog is magic.

Hunger Games – I just think Jennifer Lawrence is badass.

Best movie trailer of a movie this year that I’ll probably love and also barely be able to watch: 

Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac. Melancholia breaks my heart in two & Antichrist is incredible but took me three tries to get through to the end. Chaos reigns. And Charlotte Gainsbourg.  

Favorite venues we played in 2013: 

Glasgow – SWG3
Gothenburg – Truckstop Alaska
Philadelphia – Unitarian Chapel
Cambridge – Sinclair
Oslo – Blå
Fribourg – Fri-son

Sources of inspiration & guidance this past year: 

My bandmates & musical fellows, especially my co-producer Ben Chisholm, TJ Cowgill AKA King Dude, director Mark Pellington, my label & management at Sargent House, Kali Kennedy, Jenni Hensler, The Book of Symbols, 1Q84, Ole Smoky moonshine, volcanoes, Richard Serra, Stephen O’Malley, Kristin Cofer, Darla Teagarden, Krist Mort, Gnarlitude Jen, boxing, Salem Mass., Josh T. Pearson, truck stops, strange hotels, Swans, Vice, Russia, Damien Echols. 

“Death twitches my ear. LIVE, he says, I am coming.”

(Roman poet Virgil)

RIP Nelson Mandela
RIP Lou Reed

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