Unknown Rooms is very, very accomplished, giving the sense that Wolfe has realized the extent of her own ability and acted on it. ” – The Quietus (UK)

“Unknown Rooms
is spare, gorgeous, and haunting, offering surprises for her established fans and likely winning her new ones in the process. ” – All Music

Unknown Rooms also veers away from the sense of the occult that pervaded her past two releases, especially Apokalypsis. It is certainly still haunting, but in a much more subtle, innocuous and emotionally effective way. The somber tone feels as if it’s coming from a more relatable place, a place of heartbreak, and we are left to be swept away by the ebbs and flows of Wolfe’s awe-inspiring voice without fear of subscribing to anything sinister.” – Paste

Unknown Rooms might be a stylistic sidestep for Wolfe, a dalliance with a simpler set-up, before she plunges back into the icy black again. But even if she goes full-on Carrie-at-the-prom next, it seems likely she’ll only continue to gather force.” Pitchfork

Chelsea Wolfe, in previous efforts, emitted darkness and dread with many different influences and sounds. On this release, she strips it all down and leaves herself on the table, bare-bones and all. Creating more and more mysticism and symbolism within these acoustic tracks, she skillfully creates one of the most jarring and interesting releases of 2012.” – Skrbblr

“I have always been a fan of Chelsea’s work, but this stripped-down album showcases her voice better than I have heard her before. Every song on Unknown Rooms leaves my ears transfixed, waiting for the next song to come on. Listening to this album teleports my mind to another space and time. I’m starting to feel like I’m looking out of a window on a long cross-country drive and all I can see is the terrain moving to the melody of the wind. Chelsea has created an album that will empower the listener. The melodic elements of this collection of songs will enchant you for sure. Give credit were credit is do she really knows how to write stellar songs that will creep inside of your bones and stay there for a long time.” – CVLT Nation

“This is a sparse album, Chelsea Wolfe’s quietest, most beautiful album to date, showcasing a vulnerability that simultaneously pushes the listener’s comfort level to its limits and is sincerely inviting in its simplicity.” – Tiny Mix Tapes

After two solid albums that received a moderate amount of attention in the crowded contemporary music scene, Chelsea Wolfe has quickly returned with her best record yet, Unknown Rooms: A Collection of Acoustic Songs. It stands apart from the noisier mode of her previous work while finding her successfully expressing her own voice. The only problem is that it’s over far too soon. – The Vinyl District

“Unknown Rooms suggests this LA singer is a real songwriter of note. Chelsea Wolfe revels in the darkness, she’s at home in the haunting. This collection should have a place in yours.” – Hot Press

“Layered with hums and ghostly harmonies, Unknown Rooms resonates almost as a film score, channeling a country-singed Portishead intensely with the airy “Appalachia”. “Boyfriend”, in particular, reverberates as an homage, as though created to accompany the heroic death of a tragic hero burning at the funeral pyre.” – COS

“On Unknown Rooms the LA based artist has allowed the ethereal and tenebrous layers to fall away, here Wolfe searches inwards with next to nowhere to hide. These acoustic based songs include ghostly harmonies and mournful string arrangements from a stripped down ensemble – they embellish and beautify the writing on the wall.” – Bowlegs

Unknown Rooms: A Collection of Acoustic Songs is a magnificent album that carries a very lucid and shinning aura from beginning to end, placing textures of sound into some of the most heavenly states. This is music of and for this age that goes far outside of genre, style, scenes or anything else that normally defines an artists purpose and place here.” – Sound Colour Vibration

“It’s a journey you’ll find yourself wanting to travel again and again. Albums like this are all too rare in this day and age.” – Shout 4 Music (UK)

“Deeply atmospheric, Unknown Rooms is a timeless, placeless album floats from speakers as if straight from a log cabin in the Ozarks, drums at their most acoustic and underwater strings underpinning a voice seemingly taking inspiration directly from the soul ” – The State (Ireland)

Unknown Rooms may be short but it is an astounding collection of beautiful and poignant material. I really hope Chelsea Wolfe releases more material soon because this, my friends, is a great friggin’ album.” – American Aftermath

Unknown Rooms might just be a stepping stone for Wolfe.  She’s got an incredible voice, warm songwriting and above all else, it’s hard not to be captivated by what she’s doing.  Put this one down as another great stepping stone into a quickly exploding career.” – Austin Town Hall

“Even unplugged, though, there’s nothing simplistic—musically, emotionally or otherwise—about Wolfe’s songs: beautifully abstract, intensely somber, aesthetically heavy folk dirges awash in aching string arrangements, buzzing bass notes and, of course, that voice.” – Ology

Unknown Rooms is a well-crafted exploration – to borrow one of her own titles – of ‘Hyper Oz’, an acidic Kansas and a wild, overgrown dreamland. Across these nine tracks, Chelsea Wolfe romanticises and revolts against the frontier, dirties her voice with gritty coals and washes it clean with tears of mourning.”
Wears The Trousers (UK)